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I’ve been working with Jason for almost a year now. He began programming for me as I was recovering from a major surgery and just beginning to return to my training. I needed someone to tailor my workouts to my specific recovery needs and limitations, and he did just that. Always checking in to see how I was feeling and progressing and then continually adding in movements as I gained back my strength and mobility.

He’s very thorough and thoughtful in his approach and expertly straddles the line between pushing me out of my comfort zone and giving my body the rest it needs to perform better. Over the last 10 months, with his guidance and support, I’ve been able to build back up to my pre-surgery regimen of both lifting and running, even completing my second marathon last month. He’s helped me navigate injury, recovery, frustration, and self-doubt, all the while simultaneously pushing me and supporting me.

He’s second to none!

Amy Sison


I'm a busy mother of four kids and an active competitor in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  I have trained with Jason Inoue steadily over the past few years.  The best part about that is that he has seen me through a variety of stages in my fitness journey.

Jason helped me find the edge in my strength and explosiveness, as well as dialing in my nutrition plan, to win IBJJF Pan American Championships and American Nationals.  

He had also followed through on mobility work with my ACL tear through rehabilitation.  I'm currently working with him to perfect my lifting form and do sport specific movements to regain my strength losses from injury, but also to become a better and more elite athlete.

Right now, I've been settling on just being able to get through my day of work and being a single parent, but I fell like Jason's knowledge cover a lot of bases and he can definitely meet you where you are.

Kirsten Farmer

IBJJF Pan American & American Nationals Champion


Excellent coaching ability backed by years of experience and knowledge.

Very proficient in programming in house or remote and being specific to the individual.

Sergio Villamizar


By far the best coach I've had the pleasure of learning from!  Great positive attitude!  He knows how to reach inside and bring out the best in yourself.  Teaches proper technique without making you feel inadequate.  He can push you to go past your previous PR without using an aggressive approach.  His motivating abilities are outstanding and he can easily mold himself to be who he needs to be to get the most out of any particular personality.  I absolutely recommend Jason!  That one perfect coach you've been looking for is right here!

Chris Steves

Workout Lesson


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